ELEVAI Root Renewal System

A complete hair and scalp care system designed to clarify, nourish, and renew your hair from root to tip.
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With daily use of ELEVAI enfinity™ users start seeing results as soon as 4 weeks with ongoing improvement through 12 weeks of consistent daily use.



Award Winning Professional Skincare

As a physician-dispensed skincare line, ELEVAI believes that the purchase of ELEVAI Skincare products is best made through an authorized ELEVAI Skincare Professional. This is a commitment to our valued and carefully selected Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and other Skincare Professionals who have the medical knowledge and experience needed to guide you on your skincare journey.


News & Media

Exosomes Are Trending in Skincare—But What Are They, Exactly?

One of the most buzzed-about skincare discoveries of late is exosomes. These tiny communicators are said to do everything from boosting in-office procedures to reducing inflammation and even growing hair. The naturally occurring vesicles were once glossed over, but since stem cells have become a hot topic, their far less controversial cousin—exosomes—have stolen the spotlight.

Expert Testimonials

“…I think the post-procedure product, empower™, is a ‘game changer’. We have nothing thus far that is able to nearly eliminate post-procedure erythema for all patients and procedures. Even if patients have residual swelling, their outlook changes post-procedure without redness and people immediately feel better about themselves and their results.”

 - Natalie M. Curcio, MD, MPH, MMHC, FAAD

"A new, revolutionary technology in topical skincare has finally arrived.” ELEVAI Exosomes™ mimic the natural rejuvenation messages of very young skin, so it begins to behave like younger skin."

- Nicole Elking, APRN-CNP

"I love the fact ELEVAI has powerful ingredients combined with exosomes and it is created for everyone. My patients love the product, which makes it a winner for my busy practice."

- Dr. Ruby Gill

"This product is packaged beautifully and the formulation is very elegant. Putting it on is a nice experience. It’s so simple to use and takes the guesswork out of my morning routine. I recommend this product for men and women. ELEVAI Enfinity maintains the function, hydration and elasticity. Great for post menopausal skin."

- Dr. Lopez