ELEVAI Labs, Inc. Announces Global Distribution Partnership With Premier Aesthetic Device Company Dermapenworld

DAVIS, Calif., Jan. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ELEVAI LABS, INC., (“ELEVAI” or the “Company”) a biotech company leveraging the power of human stem cell exosomes to create next-generation topical skincare products, is pleased to announce that it has signed a non-exclusive global distributor and trademark license agreement with leading Australian headquartered aesthetic device company DermapenWorld™ (“Dermapen”).

Dermapen revolutionized the aesthetic industry a decade ago by inventing the first ever automated microneedling pen—the original and trusted Dermapen™. DermapenWorld is a recognized leader in the microneedling industry having delivered over 3 million treatments worldwide and offers a synergy of solutions, including: Dp Dermaceuticals specialized skincare products, proven protocols, extensive research and education. DermapenWorld has direct representation in over 50 countries, and ships to over 70 countries around the globe.

DermapenWorld Co-Founder and CEO, Stene Marshall commented “As market leaders in the field of microneedling, DermapenWorld places great importance to our Dp Dermaceuticals support skincare range and associated protocols in order to achieve the best possible results – we are honored to be associated with such outstanding researchers and development partners such as ELEVAI Labs – and we are sure that the next journey into the world of exosomes will be an exciting one.”

Under the agreement, DermapenWorld has agreed to purchase certain minimum quantities of ELEVAI Exosomes™ which will become a key ingredient within their new Dp Dermaceuticals MG-EXO-SKIN which is enhanced by ELEVAI Exosomes™, along with Enfinity daily serum, which will be packaged in DermapenWorld’s Dp Dermaceuticals packaging.

Tim Sayed MD, top Newport Beach plastic surgeon as well as ELEVAI Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, commented “ELEVAI is proud to partner with DermapenWorld, a global leader in microneedling and aesthetic products.  By combining our companies’ strengths, we can now offer skincare professionals the latest in microneedling and stem cell exosome technology — products designed to work together synergistically to provide unparalleled results with minimal downtime.”

ELEVAI CFO, Graydon Bensler also remarked “We are delighted to enter into this global distributor agreement with DermapenWorld. This marks a major milestone for ELEVAI as our first major partnership with an aesthetic device company, and fits with our long term commercialization plan to partner our products with leading aesthetic devices.”

About DermapenWorld™

Founded in 1976, DermapenWorld’s sister company Equipmed™ was established in Australia to assist our customers in building a profitable business with innovative medical equipment. The company has successfully accomplished over 3 million treatments worldwide through major distribution centers including Australia, Netherlands, and the USA. Shipping to over 70 countries around the globe with authorized DermapenWorld Distributors in over 50 countries. Learn more about Dermapen and Dp Dermaceuticals at www.dermapenworld.com