The Aesthetic Guide

Topical Exosome Technology Revolutionizes Regenerative Skincare

By Cindy J. Papp, Contributing Editor

The ELEVAI E-Series™ products - empower and enfinity - were developed to provide both post-procedure skin support and ongoing daily aftercare. Both products contain exosomes; ultra-small, nanoparticle compartments packed with targeted growth factors known to support skin health. The patent-pending ELEVAI Exosome Technology™ is the powerhouse ingredient in this post-procedure series and mimics the repair process of nature along with a selection of high quality actives to provide regenerative skin health for any skin type. The ELEVAI E Series and its proprietary blend of ethically sourced ingredients is the perfect complementary post-procedure skincare regimen to support the skin's natural rejuvenation process for optimal results and ongoing skin health.