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Revolution in Regenerative Medicine: Exosomes w/ Dr. Jordan Plews

As our bodies age, our cells are aging with us, and the messages they produce are decreasing. While growth factors have been used to take the message of youthful cells and use them to stimulate the skin, exosomes offer a more complete, natural, and protected version of those messages.

Scientific researcher Dr. Jordan Plews, CEO and co-founder of ELEVAI Labs, joins Dr. Bass to discuss what's happening in the space of exosomes, stem cells, and regenerative medicine as a whole.

Through experiments with stem cells, Dr. Plews and his colleagues discovered that the cells provided some benefit, but they weren’t sticking around or fixing problems such as wounds. This led to the discovery of exosomes, nano-packages that the body uses to send signals to cells.

When searching for the best exosomes to separate, Dr. Plews and his team found that by taking exosomes from age zero stem cells, they can safely be put back into the body to “remind it how to be young again.”

Drawing on his two decades of research in the study of stem cells and regenerative medicine, Dr. Plews explains what exosomes are, how they were discovered, the potential they hold, and how we may be using them in medicine going forward.

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