EXOSOMES, The Hottest Topic in Regenerative Aesthetics

Endless regenerative possibilities in one powerful package.

By Cheryl Whitman

Jordan Plews, Ph.D., CEO of Elevai Labs, Inc. also believes exosomes are here to stay. "The field of extracellular vesicles is rapidly evolving and exosomes along with it. While the aesthetics industry is often focused on results, which is important but can often be subjective, the next generation of exosome treatments is likely to come from an increased understanding of the science.

In addition, new biotechnological advances will likely allow us to expand our ability to control, tune and modulate the cargo of exosomes. At least a few pharmaceutical companies have already started exploring the combination of gene editing technologies like CRISPR and looking at ways to use it to affect exosome production. Eventually, it may well be possible to very tightly control intercellular messages in the form of exosomes using next-generation gene editing tools."