The Most Surprising Ingredient Trends for 2023


Elevai Labs recently introduced its Exosome Technology,
which uses exosomes released from human umbilical
mesenchymal stem cells to repair skin damage naturally.
Exosomes are powerful nano-sized vesicles that
can restore cells throughout your body. Compared to
adult stem cells, exosomes derived from stem cells are
much smaller, and while not alive, they are packed with
concentrated powerful growth factors that are designed
to be quickly and efficiently delivered to cells in need of
repair. Previously, where we have seen improvements
following stem cell application or application of stem cell
derived growth factors, we now know that exosomes
are more than likely the key driver in those now outdated
products. Exosomes are the next step forward, building
on the existing body of stem cell research, but capable of
providing more benefit with less risk.
When the skin is young, natural stem cell populations
are high and act as the body’s first line of defense. As
we age, the number of stem cells decrease and our
bodies are less responsive. Exosomes penetrate the
skin, mimicking the body’s natural healing responses.
Skin damage and extrinsic aging caused by exposure
to daily assault by pollution and sunlight benefit from
exosomes. Due to the nanosize of exosomes, Elevai
products can penetrate deeply into the skin to catalyze
repair and rejuvenation. They support increased blood
flow and promote collagen and elastin production to help
rejuvenate skin from the inside out.