2023 Beauty Tap Award Winner




Exosome-Fueled Skincare – ELEVAI enfinity™ Exosome Regenerative Serum
Even if you’re familiar with stem cells, exosomes may still seem mysterious. You can learn all about them in our article, but the short explanation is that exosomes are secreted by stem cells, and they ensure the other cells in your body are stocked up on protein as well as DNA and RNA. These magical cells work wonders internally and when applied topically, they help skin behave like it did in its youth. ELEVAI’s enfinity™ Exosome Regenerative Serum has serious science and data behind it and enhances your skin’s ability to heal, especially after a procedure like microneedling. The serum also contains four types of vitamin C as well as hyaluronic acid and copper peptides to promote elasticity, reduce hyperpigmentation, fight free radicals, and increase hydration. Need we say more?

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