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Exosomes are membrane-bound extracellular vesicles (EVs), typically from about 30 to 150 nanometers (nm) in diameter, around the same size as many lipoproteins, but much smaller than cells. EVs, including exosomes, carry markers of cell type of origin and have specialized functions in physiological processes, including everything from intercellular signaling to cellular waste management.

PRP or platelet rich plasma is rich in blood derived growth factors, but these diminish with age and PRP loses effectiveness for those that need it the most.
ADSCs and the Growth Factors they produce vary broadly depending on the donor age and health, as well as a variety of other factors involved in isolating and culturing stem cells. Adipose tissue contains a variety of cell types, many of which release factors that are detrimental to skin and cellular health, so it is very important that ADSCs are sourced, isolated and cultured under very specific conditions under the supervision of a trained stem cell scientist. Due to the common age and health conditions under which most receive liposuction, it is difficult to source top quality adipose and isolate youthful, healthy ADSCs reliably.
Umbilical cord derived stem cells are the youngest, ethical source of human stem cells. No embryos or babies are harmed in the process and only consented donors are used to source the tissue which would otherwise be disposed of. Elevai sources umbilical cord stem cells derived under cGMP conditions, these cells are designed for clinical trial use, but thanks to an exclusive partnership, we have access to these top-quality cells. Elevai uses top quality stem cells as factories to produce membrane encapsulated regenerative factors, known as exosomes. ELEVAI Exosomes are produced using a proprietary, patent pending process that enriches for natural healing and regenerative factors normally only present following injury. These potent exosomes include biological messages that are known to decrease with age, stress, and environmental damage. By boosting and replacing these factors, ELEVAI professional skincare solutions rejuvenate your skin and bring back a healthy youthful glow, naturally, without fillers, synthetics or animal derived components or animal testing.

Our products are developed by a Harvard MD and Stanford stem cell scientist and our lab is based in California.

Our products are developed making sure they do not use ingredients that are known to be bad for the skin. No Parabens, no Phalates, minimal preservatives and absolutely NO animal components or testing, no cells.